Nominations Sought for the 2022 New Jersey Historic Preservation Awards

Preservation New Jersey is pleased to solicit public nominations for the 2022 New Jersey Historic Preservation Awards. Preservation New Jersey will only be accepting nominations online. The Nomination Form is located online here. The deadline for nominations is Wednesday, September 7th, 2022. 

The announcement of the awards is planned to occur at an Awards Ceremony on October 12, 2022 at the 1867 Sanctuary in Ewing.

We look forward to awarding individuals, organizations, and projects that have made a major or sustained impact within the field of history and historic preservation in New Jersey. All awards and their descriptions are listed below.

The David H. Knights New Preservation Initiatives Award: Awarded to an organization or  individual that has created new initiatives and new opportunities for preservation, education, and/or community engagement in New Jersey.

Historic Preservation Commission Award: Awarded to a local historical commission or committee that has undertaken new initiatives, provided long-term quality work to their community or successfully overcome recent obstacles.

The Sarah P. Fiske Legacy & Leadership Award: This is a lifetime achievement award to salute individuals that have made important and sustained contributions to the understanding and promotion of historic preservation and history in New Jersey.

The Dr. Doris C. Carpenter Excellence Award: Awarded to an individual, organization, or project which contributes to a greater understanding of New Jersey’s diverse populations through history.

Young Preservationist Award: Awarded to a preservationist under the age of 40 making important contributions to the preservation field in New Jersey through their work or service.

The Constance Greiff Writing Award: Awarded to an individual, organization or project whose writing has made a major contribution to the historic preservation field.

Preservation Documents Award: Awarded to preservation document(s) exhibiting exceptional merit in the field of historic preservation.  The following documents are examples of documents that can be nominated under this category, not an exclusive list. National Register nomination; Innovative Survey which contributes to regional or statewide knowledge of historic resources and/or historic context; Innovative Preservation Planning documents including architectural design guidelines, master plans, and local ordinances; Publications contributing to regional or statewide knowledge of historic resources and/or context; Historic Structure Report or Preservation Plan.

Preservation Craftsmanship Award: Awarded to an individual or organization that demonstrates excellent craftsmanship skills or education in construction related activities applicable to the process of preservation, rehabilitation, restoration, or reconstruction.

Preservation Projects Award: Awarded to preservation project(s) exhibiting exceptional merit in the field of historic preservation. The following projects are examples of types of projects that can be nominated under this category, not an exclusive list. The restoration, rehabilitation or adaptive reuse of historic buildings, structures, sites, cultural landscapes or maritime properties – especially projects that incorporate sustainability, green design and/or urban revitalization – through historic preservation.

Selections are based on the following award criteria: Public impact on the community, region, or state; Quality and/or creativity of effort; Broadened public awareness of history & historic preservation; Increased partnerships to support history & historic preservation; Quality of the submission. Nominees will be evaluated by a panel of in-state and out-of-state evaluator’s in the preservation field, using the criteria as a guide.

Any questions please email Preservation New Jersey at