A Note from the Editor

By now you have heard the good news that Preservation New Jersey has retained Kelly Ruffel as our new Executive Director. Kelly is well equipped for the position, as she has an extensive management background in historic preservation, history, and cultural affairs. Ms. Ruffel is an Assistant County Administrator who supports and coordinates a wide range of Passaic County operations. Working directly with the County Administrator, she coordinates and partners with department heads, community and business leaders, and state and local officials on projects, grants, and programs. She also serves as the Director of the Passaic County Department of Cultural & Historic Affairs (DCHA) and is the Chair of the City of Paterson Historic Preservation Commission. She is the 4th woman in a row to assume the directorship of PNJ.

In December, Kelly jumped right into the workload and has already made exceptional progress in reworking the PNJ website, social media platforms, graphic design, the upcoming presentation of our 10 Most Endangered List, the online and in-person event planning for 2023, PNJ’s financial health and grant participation and has enhanced the one to one and group communications to our membership. As our Executive Director, she is demonstrating that Preservation New Jersey continues its dedication to support efforts to preserve the enduring legacy of New Jersey’s cultural, architectural, and historic assets.

PNJ Board Meeting of January 2023

We also are grateful for the hands-on leadership that PNJ President Paul Muir has provided for the past year. Paul’s management experience is wide ranging. In Bethlehem Township he is known as Mayor Paul Muir. He is a serious antique and vintage car collector. And as the Executive Director at Clinton’s Red Mill Museum and Village, Paul guides one of New Jersey’s most important architecture and historic locations. President Muir is advised by Preservation New Jersey’s Executive Committee, Board of Directors and all the input and efforts of members (like you!) who support the mission of PNJ.

One of the most important goals of 2023 that Paul, Kelly, and the Board of Directors has established is to increase our membership and member participation. Now is the time to support the Preservation New Jersey mission by becoming an Individual Member, a Business & Organizational Member through your society, commission or civic organization, a listed member in our Building Industry Network (BIN) Resource Directory or through a direct contribution that will establish you as a member.

We need your support as we continue to support you.

William Neumann, CHP
Editor Preservation Perspectives