Giving 2019/20

Preservation New Jersey is celebrating 25 years of listing the 10 Most Endangered Historic Places in New Jersey. Since 1995, we have been spotlighting irreplaceable historic, architectural, cultural, and archaeological resources that are in imminent danger of being lost. The act of listing these resources acknowledges their importance to the heritage of New Jersey, and draws attention to the predicaments that endanger their survival and the survival of historic resources statewide.

This initiative is a valuable resource to grassroots efforts to preserve New Jersey’s historic resources.

The 10 Most Endangered list gave credence to what we were saying…someone other than us thinks this school is valuable. 

– Dr. Doris Carpenter, Local Activist (about Camden High School, a 2017 10 Most Site)

Being on the 10 Most Endangered list got us really interesting attention. Everybody has a little place in their heart for an endangered species. And, a lot of people helped…from the preservation community and the private sector, through to the congressional offices.

– Keith Kilgannon, Roamer Shoal Light (a 2014 10 Most Site)

It was an aha moment for everybody…we really do need to do something. Not only did the 10 Most listing spur local governmental activity, but it also made funding sources aware.

– Dan Wrieden, Jersey City Historic Preservation Officer (the Van Wagenen/”Apple Tree” House, a 1996 10 Most Site)

It is through the support of donors like you that Preservation New Jersey is able provide this and other assistance in support of preservation.
Thank you for helping us to advocate for New Jersey’s historic resources.