Q&A with PNJ: Developing Walking Tours

August 19th at 1PM

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Join Kathy Kelly, the owner of Paranormal Books and Curiosities in Asbury Park who does tours of the City related to that theme.

Kathy Kelly is a true student of the paranormal. From her first play written at age 8 called, “Monsters” to her most recent trip to investigate the Queen Mary, Kathy eats, sleeps, and loves the paranormal. A steadfast supporter of story telling and community building, Kathy believes that in every story there is a kernel of truth and sometimes a whole lot more than that. Kathy opened Paranormal Book & Curiosities in 2008 and The Paranormal Museum soon after to share her love of the strange and unusual with others. A gifted story teller, Kathy has a Master’s degree in history and find that the two go hand in hand. Her lectures are intriguing and entertaining as well as illuminating and unique. Kathy’s knowledge of history and all that is paranormal are only surpassed by her friendly and humorous personality.
Kathy Kelly has been giving tours of Asbury Park for ten years now. Her passion for the unusual and story telling is part of what made Paranormal Books & Curiosities and The Paranormal Museum a Top 10 Thing to Do in New Jersey. An historian by training, she is widely respected as an expert in the strange and unusual, although she resists that term, instead calling herself, instead, ‘A Student of it all.” Kathy travels widely and brings the unusual back to her Museum on Cookman Avenue.


Q&A with PNJ is a project of Preservation New Jersey that seeks to highlight voices across New Jersey’s historic preservation community and bring their knowledge and expertise on a wide variety of historic preservation topics to the public. Q&A with PNJ will initially take place online, and run approximately one-hour. The session will start with a quick networking round (5-10 minutes) where all attendees will share their name and if applicable, affiliation. The session will end with 15 minutes of Q&A from the Audience.